DPM Design & Construction is an established firm of contractors in the Boston area. We specialize in modifying existing academic structures within a university setting and the build-out and installation, of restaurants, nightclubs, bars, lounges, and condominiums.

Colleges and Univerisities

DPM Design and Construction are specialists in the modernization and renovation of campus facilities. Our projects have included both temporary and permanent improvements as well as the reconfiguration of existing offices and buildings. DPM works alongside AV contractors to facilitate the installation of information technology in classrooms, lecture theaters, and conference rooms.

DPM works closely with the university administration to guarantee that all issues related to the various projects, such as personnel and environmental safety, adherence to architectural plans, and quality of work and materials, are dealt with amicably and efficiently.


Whether planning a renovation to an existing site or an installation to a new one, DPM will provide preliminary budgeting, architectural design and construction schedules.

DPM are specialists in the build-out and installation of high-end restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. We use our own sub-contractors with whom we’ve had strong and successful partnerships for over ten years. Our coordination of construction crews is seamless and highly efficient; we make every effort to finish projects resulting on (or ahead of) schedule.


A crucial element in all types of construction is the procurement of necessary permits from the relevant local authorities. This often becomes a painstaking and time consuming chore as the various permit-issuing bodies operate on their schedule, not yours. DPM’s years of experience can guarantee that no time is wasted in the acquisition of these all-important permits. We are thorough in all stages of permit applications and issuance and we will liaise with the Fire, Health and Building departments to secure all the required permits. By doing so, we spare our clients the inconvenience of this process, which can delay their projected openings by weeks, even months.

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